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spring is here.

April 10, 2012

it’s that time of year. my favorite time of year! SPRING is finally here. the sun is returning…warm weather is upon us… flowers are blossoming and trees are budding…

i am waiting with great anticipation for the cherry blossoms that are so mystical in this land.

in the mean time i am wondering, where are the patches of grass? i want to walk around barefoot~

in Texas we know how to get down with some good Southern, free spirited singin’ and dancin’ ~ it’s just not the same in Korea. i think spring is when i miss Texas the most because of the wildflowers, the sunsets, and walking barefoot in the grass.

this is a video from one of my good friend’s wedding (kara and david — with stephen, michelle, and jeremiah playing the music) a few years back… i hope that it will give you a feel for the hospitality, love, and free spirited nature of the folk down South. Enjoy!

// the bluebonnets of texas //

(taken from Irene Whiteside)





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