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a confession

February 3, 2013

I have a confession to make:  I went to the theater to see Les Miserables three times.

Yes. Three times. You read that correctly.

Now, I realize that is nine hours of my life. Nine hours I can’t get back. Nine hours that I spent reveling in the pure pleasure of talent and art. Approximately 27,000krw. And three boxes of tissues.

It is not often that I want to watch a film in the theater more than once. This film happened to win over my affections.

You might hate the film.  Okay well, I don’t really care. I know someone who does not like the film. She mentioned that watching a movie is a very personal experience and should not be judged. I’d have to agree. So don’t judge me. =)

There was something compelling about the story.

I found myself not being able to get through the film without sobbing. At all three showings. In fact, I cried more each time I watched it.

More than the singing, the acting, the cinematography,  the what-have-you…. the story awakened something in me. A message to all humanity that I was familiar with. The message of GRACE.

With every viewing of the film, I found myself launched into a journey of experiencing what it is to receive grace all over again. A remembrance of that moment I found myself in a puddle of tears and a blanket of acceptance. The moment I knew my Maker and He knew me. The moment I was engulfed by a revelation of grace given to me, undeserving.

The story so well distinguishes between Law and Grace. The former leading to destruction and the latter leading to life. I could not help but cry for those bound by Law– within and outside of the church. Tears of joy and sadness streamed down my face.

It seems that at every turn something gutted me and spewed tears from me. The prostitution scene with Fantine. The barricade scene where the boy and Eponine die. The scene of the priest showing grace to Valjean. When Valjean releases Javert. On and on… so many tragic scenes and redemptive moments.

The end of the film– what can I say? It is the desperate — no– much awaited for hope and desire we all have. To be reunited. To be one with our Maker. To be freed from the chains of pain and sorrow. To be Home at last.

I hope that you will see the film and let it leave its impression of grace on you. For it is but a glimpse of the grace that has been shown to us through Jesus. With such grace given, may we extend grace.

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