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October 3, 2013

i’m not sure why weather affects my mood so much. try as i might, to remain unchanged and unaffected by the amazingness of Fall & Spring or the dreary, grey Winter, the “melt-you-into-utter-despair” heat and humidity of the summer…I cannot seem to remain stoic in any sort of way when the seasons change. 

the gentle breeze that ushers in Fall quickens my steps, deepens my laughter, plants a smile on my face. And, somewhere deep inside me, I become alive with excitement that bursts forth from seemingly no where. This joy bubbles up for no apparent reason– other than, the weather has revived a part of me that is meant to be alive and well. a part of me that says, “yes, this is as it should be.”

nostalgia. enthusiasm. contentment. 

these are the things that i experience when i wake to the sun gleaming down on the river, as i bundle up in my blanket. the temperature has dropped and my body anticipates the horrific cold of winter, yet thrives on this pleasantly mild chill that Fall has carried with her. walking down by the river in perfect harmony with Fall, i smile, knowing that my God is enjoying it all with me. 

so,  cheers to the Fall weather. cheers to the happiness that it brings me. and cheers to the hope that Fall may last more than two weeks this year! 

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