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a Canvas

October 21, 2013

a Canvas

I remember when I moved to Korea, one of the things I missed most were Texas sunsets. Growing up with big, open skies ruins you.

Living in a place where the buildings shrink the sky and obstruct the sun slowly depressed my soul.

My apartment, at the time, was a one room, dark, damp “dungeon”… I found that I never wanted to go home. My building was right up against another building so there was no sunlight at all.

One night, in dead winter, I dreamt of the skies I so longed for. Sunset after sunset. Colors painted the skies and melted into one another, almost dripping into the land.

I woke that morning, not to my Texas sunrises and sunsets, but to a dark, frigid room. Alone. Far away. Beyond my feet I stared at my kitchen that was only 4 feet away and tears filled my eyes. In that moment, I felt as though I had traded my freedom for prison.

A few years later, God lovingly granted me my desires for a view of painted skies (among other things^^).
Sunrises over a landscape of mountains and villas; sunsets along the river. It was too good to be true. Far from the skies of Texas, but a canvas of color and exotic beauty, nonetheless.

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