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Gardening; it’s hard.

May 7, 2016

I plant.

I repot.

I water.

I give you sun.

I wait.

I prune.

I trim.

I talk to you.


And you’re still dying.

Image-1 (1)

(This poor guy… I pruned him too short…I should have read about how to prune properly before butchering the already dying basil tree.)



Recently I have taken on a plant project. Unlike Texas, where everything seems to grow wildly well, I cannot keep much alive here. I have a few hardy plants holding on, but all of my other plants seem to be wilting and some are flat out dying (I’m telling you this in humility and grief… I used to have a green thumb!).

I researched each plant… I gave some special soil they required, I’ve put reminders in my phone for how often to water different plants, and I’ve moved some more into the sun. Yet, they are still dying. Whether it’s the overcast skies preventing the sun to bathe my plants (personally, that’s what I like to believe…that or the pollution!) or it’s my sudden lack of having a green thumb… I do not know. Aside from being disheartened by the death of some of my plants, I have been thinking more about my heart in this season.


Gardening is the cliche parallel to tending to your heart. Yet, I cannot help but think about how tending to our hearts is so similar to caring for plants. It’s a cliche comparison for a reason.

Each of us is a unique being that needs special care. Some of us need more pruning, or more water, some of us need more sun. Some of us are ready to be repotted. Some of us need a good trim. Some of us need to be harvested.

As much as we are to care for the state of our own hearts, sometimes we just need to surrender to what the Gardener wants to do. That might mean taking time to read the Word more, that might mean staying in to journal rather than going out, that might mean reflecting first before jumping into the next event. That might be shutting up long enough to hear what HE has to say. Whatever it is… we need to allow God to do His work of tending to our hearts.

Like plants, we can’t always articulate what we need or even know what we need. Sometimes we do. Often we don’t.

I am so thankful that God is my gardener. I am so glad that He knows exactly what I need — unlike me when it comes to my poor plants- God knows exactly when to water, to prune, to harvest, to repot, to put in the sun…

Instead of fighting Him, we need to cooperate and surrender. He knows best. He will keep you alive with a tender, well groomed and well maintained heart. 

What season are you in? Is God pruning you? Is He watering you? Is He repotting you? 

Stop fighting, if you are, and let Him garden and cultivate tenderness, integrity, and the fruit of the spirit in your heart. 

I am so thankful that every season is not pruning. I am so thankful that every season is not harvesting or repotting. And I am so thankful that He knows exactly what season it is for each one of us.

Gardening might be hard for me. But gardening is the natural work of our Father. 


At least these guys are still doing well along with my ivy, bamboo, and cacti. =)


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