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September 15, 2016

For our one year anniversary, Jason and I decided to get a dog. It was not a spur of the moment decision. Don’t be silly…neither of us are spontaneous enough to do that.

I have wanted another dog since forever ago. My first dog was Princess. She was a cocapoo. I loved her so much and was heartbroken when she passed. It took years for me to feel ready enough to love another dog again.

Jason never owned a dog, so he was entering new territory. But very excited.

It all started when we dog-sat for some coworkers last Spring Break. Well, really, it started long ago when we were dating and I wanted to make sure that Jason was open to having pets in the future. Kind of like that movie, “Must Love Dogs.” He seemed open enough, so I just took it as a green light. =) I’m glad I did.

We dog-sat Henley. Henley was the most well-behaved dog, who loves people, and does not bark. Did I mention, does not bark? I was intrigued. I decided to ask our friends about their dog and where they got her.

It turned out that they bought Henley from a breeder in Hong Kong. We decided to research and learn more about this breed. We fell in love with the Cavalier King Charles. Due to the fact that this breed has many health issues, we decided that going through a reputable breeder would be wise. So, we contacted the same breeder our friends had gone through.

One thing led to another and long story short: we now have the cutest little cavalier.

We decided to name her Shasta for a few reasons:

  1. I lived in California for a while and fell in love with Shasta Mountain.
  2. Shasta means “teacher” in a Native American language. (we are teachers overseas^^)
  3. Shasta is one of the character’s names in the Chronicles of Narnia (which we are currently reading).

Shasta has been such a delight to have. She is helping us learn how to work together as a married couple to train, care for, and love. She is our practice child. 😉

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